Dave McDaniel is an amazing coach who combines both the physical and mental skills in a Unique and powerful way. I have worked with Dave for years and I trust him as a leader in the mental training space and I recommend that you work with him if you get the chance!! Dave is fun and engaging and well worth it!!!

Graham Betchart, Mental skills coach


I have been in the process of looking for the best for my children in basketball, I have been working with many coaches in different countries, in some cases working with them and that is why we know that the most important thing is to find the perfect match between the coach and the player. The player must be disciplined and coachable and the coach definitely for us needs the skills to train and develop the players. It’s not just about play and play, it’s about learning how to play in the correct way. The skills, the technical base, the knowledge of each type of player, the communication, the motivation and obviously, the mental training, make the difference to get the perfect combination to achieve a better and integral player in the future. For us MyndGame is the best!

Marian Davila-Lopez Parent


“Dave has helped me immeasurably. Through his positive energy and attitude, he has helped me get through some difficult moments in my career. Due to his large amount of wisdom he has developed, over the course of his life through his own experiences, he has enabled me to navigate obstacles with aplomb and panache that I previously may have struggled to do. I would definitely recommend anyone to work with Dave if they desire to improve in any aspect they are struggling in”.

Anell Alexis,Professional Basketball Player

“Dave has been major inspiration for me as a strength coach. His passion for the game and genuine leadership makes him a trustworthy coach and mentor. He easily brings out the strongest work ethic in his athletes and challenges them to adopt a character that carries into their everyday lives. Not only does he set the bar for coaching but he demonstrates what it means to be an impactful human being in all aspects.”

Sam Medina,Owner of EvoCentric

Coach Dave and his MyndGame™ Training platform are going places, so you better get onboard now. I was first impressed with Coach Dave because he actually pays attention to the physical and mental details during his training sessions. Having played professionally, Coach Dave knows the game, many effective basketball moves, and is great at teaching them to his students. Like a teacher in the classroom, he progressively builds on that training weekly to help the kids develop their game over time. His training has definitely helped my son @jacobtrenchfield take his game to a new level.

Kirk Trenchfield, Parent



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