Mental Skills Of Successful Athletes

Here are the Mental Skills of Successful Athletes. In order to reach high performance these skills can be implemented during your sport as well as real-life situations you may encounter on a day to day basis. As you can see in the diagram, these skills are divided into three different levels. The cool thing about all of these skills is that they can be learned and improved through deliberate practice. Here are the three different levels and when you would implement them!

LEVEL I – This is your FOUNDATION! These skills are needed on a daily basis to be able to reach your long term goals.

LEVEL II- These skills are utilized to prepare for performance. They may be used prior to competition, or before a specific performance action.

LEVEL III- These skills are used during actual performance.

If you can learn when and how to use these skills you will see your performance gradually improve. As athletes/performers it is essential to build up your toolbox so you will be prepared for any situation! In the next coming weeks we will discuss each skill in detail so that you can learn how to UNLOCK YOUR PERFORMANCE!

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