From a very young age, Dave knew he had a passion for sports and in particular, basketball. His father was a basketball coach, which motivated him to not only play the sport, but be the very best on the court. As a teenager, he continued to play basketball – and though he had a passion for the sport, he didn’t always have the success he wanted. He was cut from the middle school basketball team 3 times and in his freshman year at high school, he was told that he wasn’t good enough to play varsity. However, this rejection didn’t make Dave quit. Instead, it pushed him to work harder. He continued to pursue his basketball dream until finally in his Junior year, he made it to the varsity basketball team.

After high school, he went on to graduate with a degree in Sports Management at Elms College in Chicopee, Massachusetts where he played D3 basketball. Following his time at college, Dave went on to become a coach and would eventually play professional basketball in Spain. The idea for MyndGame™ was developed while in Spain. Dave asked himself, ‘What’s next’? After months of reflection, he realized that he was in a position to help other athletes and individuals reach their potential. Having been both a coach and an athlete, he had a truly unique perspective of what passion, interest, perseverance, and bouncing back from defeat can achieve in life.

As Dave pursues graduate studies in Performance Psychology and Business Administration at Barry University in Miami, Florida; he now works as a coach, mentor, and speaker to provide you the opportunity to enhance your athletic skills and build an impenetrable mental foundation for achieving your potential and maximizing your ability.


MyndGame™’s specialized technique for performance enhancement is drawn from several elements of performance psychology.

Dave’s coaching will help you form vital skills, enabling you to sharpen your game, whether on the court or in the corporate setting.

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