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The Story behind MYNDGAME™,

From a young age, Dave knew he had a passion for sports, particularly basketball. His father was a basketball coach, which motivated him to play the sport and be the best on the court. As a teenager, he continued to play basketball – and though he had a passion for the sport, he didn’t always have the success he wanted.

He was cut from the middle school basketball team 3 times, and in his first year at high school, he was cut from the Varsity team. However, this rejection didn’t make Dave quit. Instead, it pushed him to work harder. He continued to pursue his basketball dream until finally, in his Junior year, he made it to the varsity basketball team.

After high school, he graduated with a degree in Sports Management at Elms College in Chicopee, Massachusetts, where he played D3 basketball. After college, Dave became a coach and would eventually play professional basketball in Spain. Dave developed the idea for MyndGame™ while in Spain. Dave asked himself, ‘What’s next’? After months of reflection, he realized that he was in a position to help other athletes and individuals reach their full potential. Being both a coach and an athlete, he had a unique perspective of what passion, interest, perseverance, and bouncing back from defeat can achieve in life.

Since founding MyndGame, Coach Dave has completed his Master of Human Performance and Wellness/Master of Business Administration at Barry University. He currently works as a coach, mentor, and speaker to provide student-athletes and individuals the opportunity to enhance their abilities and build an impenetrable mental foundation.



With every athlete, our approach is to have an integrated experience that optimizes performance and enhances their overall well-being. By utilizing this science-based approach, you can win in everything you do — and win BIG.

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